WhatsApp: what are ‘deep links’ and how do they work in the app


Have you noticed the news of WhatsApp? Currently the messaging app has launched the possibility of making calls and video calls through its web platform, as well as being able to change the background color of your chats.

To the already existing tools such as sending photos, videos, GIFs, stickers, animated stickers and even documents in word or PDF, now the ‘deep links’ are added.

What are they about? Will virus enter my cell phone? You don’t have to fear. On the contrary, these ‘deep links’ will help you to add more functions to the application.

It should be specified that WhatsApp It can change in several countries, for example, in certain parts of the world you can download stickers that do not exist in other places, or even carry out banking transactions easily.


If you don’t have some stickers that your friend has in WhatsAppRest assured, there is a method to be able to obtain them right now without having to resort to third-party applications that, for the most part, tend to ask your permission to enter your conversations.

These links are called ‘deep links’ and, according to WABeta InfoIt has the particularity of installing functions such as sticker packs in WhatsApp that are not found in your country.

This is how you can access the 'deep links' of WhatsApp.  (Photo: MAG)
This is how you can access the ‘deep links’ of WhatsApp. (Photo: MAG)

For example, currently WhatsApp has added the stickers called “Vaccine for all”. While this is progressively arriving around the world, some users do not yet have them.

To obtain them you will simply have to enter this link: wa.me/stickerpack/VaccinesForAll. This link is called a ‘deep link’ and it is not dangerous at all.