WhatsApp: What do you hear, bike or rental? Strange audio generates debate on the Internet

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Whatsapp It is a tool that facilitates the communication of its users; however, sometimes there are very strange confusions. This is the case of Cami Nicolini, a tweeter who shared a mysterious audio that has social media users divided.

Listen carefully to this audio of Whatsapp and tell us if what you hear is “Daughter, did you take the money from the rent to the godfather?” or “Daughter, did you take the money from the bicycle to the godfather?”.

The answer is complex, since if your headphones or speakers register better treble, you are more likely to hear “rental”, and if they have better bass, you may have heard “bicycle”. In addition, the woman speaks quickly and puts the words together, so the message is ambiguous.

What is the truth? The one who has the last word is Cami herself, who later contacted her mother to find out what her mother’s message was. And yes, those who heard “bicycle” were right.

WHATSAPP | Stickers

One of the problems of Whatsapp It is the time you waste looking for the appropriate stickers for your messages, whether in individual or group chats. Luckily, there is a new feature for the instant messaging app to find your favorite sticker without having to go through your entire phone.

To search for a sticker in Whatsapp, users had to access the gallery, go to a specific collection and just look for the sticker that you want to share in your chats. There was no search engine that works by keywords, so this process had to be done always.

According to the official account of Whatsapp On Twitter, the platform will use a search engine to find the stickers very easily, as with GIFs.

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