WhatsApp: what information does the application share with Facebook?

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Whatsapp it is one of the most popular applications in the region. You only need to download the application to detect your contacts who have an account created. In this way, you can send them text messages, GIFs, voice messages, make calls, video calls, etc.

However, recently, Facebook, the company that owns the application, announced that they will make changes to the privacy policies. How does this affect me? Basically, if you do not accept the terms of service, you will not be able to reconnect with your contacts.

What information do you provide to WhatsApp with your profile?

  • Your account information: your phone number is saved to create the account. The numbers of your contacts. Profile name, profile picture and status message.
  • Connections: WhatsApp can organize your contact list according to your preferences. In addition, your profile is used to create groups, join or leave them.
  • Technical support: you can voluntarily send the information regarding the services that WhatsApp offers you. “For example, you can send us an email with information related to the performance of our application or other problems you have,” explains the company.

Of course, there is also a section regarding information that will now be shared with Facebook businesses.

“WhatsApp only shares certain types of information with Facebook companies. Among the data we share with others Facebook companies This includes your account registration information (such as your phone number), operations data (for example, if you use Facebook Pay or WhatsApp Stores), information related to the service, information about how you interact with companies when you use our Services, information about your mobile device and IP address ”, reads the official blog.

Despite this, they warn that they always take care of the information in your chats. These are encrypted and if you share them with us, no one should have access to the content.

Learn why you should “force close” on WhatsApp

Did you know that you can “turn off” Whatsapp for a while or as long as you want? Just as you read it. If you are in a room with someone, there is a function that few have explored to be able to stop the arrival of messages to your cell phone.

It should be noted that it is not necessary to download third-party applications, much less will you have to disconnect from the internet or turn off the data. On the contrary, this will not paralyze the arrival of alerts from other applications.

Similarly, the method also has nothing to do with uninstalling Whatsapp. You just have to follow the steps to “turn off” the quick messaging app.

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