WhatsApp will ban you if you use these apps on your mobile

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WhatsApp has been putting impediments and restrictions on those who use it for years modified WhatsApp apps. Using these applications means that our messages are no longer encrypted from end to end, but they add a multitude of functionalities. Unfortunately now WhatsApp locks the account of those who use these apps.

This use policy is very different from that of Telegram, where anyone can create their own Telegram application. In fact, there is a very popular alternative called Telegram X, which is faster, lighter, and has experimental functions in case the multitude of those offered by the base app does not seem enough to you.

WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp, blocked by the app

The way in which WhatsApp is communicating this new policy to users is, basically, by suspending their accounts. In the FAQ that the company has published about it, they state that if your account is “temporarily suspended”, it means that you have probably used an unauthorized version of WhatsApp instead of the official one.

Among those applications are WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp (WhatsApp mods), Most popular. There are also others that promise to allow us to move chats from one mobile to another, when that is something that WhatsApp itself already allows if we synchronize the chats with the cloud. Third-party applications of this type violate the Terms of Service, and instead of creating a way to block them, the decision is to suspend the WhatsApp account of those who use them.

WhatsApp Plus themes

WhatsApp does not endorse the use of these types of applications, since it cannot validate their security practices. The company is right in this, since these types of apps are less secure than the official one by not using their encryption in the messages.

Therefore, WhatsApp recommends making a history backup of chats of these alternative applications and import them to the official version of WhatsApp. To do this, you have to go to More options> Chats> Backup. Then, we go to the name of the alternative app that we have been using, we change it to WhatsApp, and when we install the official app we can restore the chats in the official one.

WhatsApp should integrate some of its functionalities

With this, WhatsApp guarantees the security of the chats of those who use its service, but they could also do a self-criticism exercise and implement some of the functions that users miss the most, and what leads them to use these alternative apps. Many of WhatsApp’s new features come from other apps like Telegram, but if you’re lacking inspiration, looking at what WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp does is an excellent idea.

Among the functions that apps like GB WhatsApp allow, we have a Do Not Disturb mode, which deactivates Internet access for WhatsApp so that it does not disturb. We also have an automatic response system, change font, change colors, save a copy of deleted messages, send images with higher quality, notifications when a contact changes their profile image, or support for multiple accounts at the same time on the same mobile.

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