WhatsApp will have a search engine to instantly find your favorite ‘sticker’

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Although it has cost WhatsApp to add the stickers more than its competition (Line or Telegram have been with them for years), He has taken such a liking that he does not stop creating new packs to download and functions for us to use at all times. At the end of the day it is certain that they have enough data in their possession to justify all these decisions.

And a problem that occurs with stickers, and any other content in general, is that after the initial phase where the number of these stickers is not very high, the lack of control begins when there is an explosion of packs that fill our keyboard in the app. And in those we are, we have so many resources to send that when we want to find the one that interests us, it does not appear anywhere.

New search engine in sight

Thus, the colleagues of WABetaInfo have found in the latest beta versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android a new tool aimed precisely at finding any of these stickers easily. Remember that just a few weeks ago, Facebook completely revamped the search in the messaging app incorporating a whole series of filters to easily find photos, videos, texts, documents, links and even voice notes.

Sticker search engine on WhatsApp. WABetaInfo

Now, as you can see on the screen that you have just above, to find the sticker that we need, the application will offer us somewhat more precise filters, such as “love”, “happiness”, “gratitude”, “congratulations”, etc. Only with that criterion will all the stickers that have a similar meaning appear, and it will not matter if they belong to different packs since it is about transmitting an idea, a feeling or an opinion, and for that, nothing better than letting ourselves be guided by this new filtering.

In addition to those categories prefixed by WhatsApp, we can do a search by writing us a more personalized criteria, although in this case it must be taken into account that we could find unreliable results. In any case, nothing better to learn than to try different possibilities to find out what is the degree of tolerance and precision of this new tool. As with all WhatsApp updates and we always remember you here, these functions are currently only available to users who have beta tests installed on their devices, so the rest of us will have to wait until its final launch and a publication in the official releases of the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

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