WhatsApp will mute conversations automatically when archived with the new ‘Read later’

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WhatsApp will mute conversations automatically when archived with the new 'Read later'

The latest beta of WhatsApp on Android includes a novelty that, at the moment, is in development: archived chats go to a section called ‘Read later’ (‘Read later’ or ‘Read later’, we do not know what the final translation will be). Conversations will go silent; with the option to automatically reactivate archived chats.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the leading applications today, especially due to the controversy that arose after the notice of privacy changes. In fact, this controversy has caused Signal to gain a notable number of users, Telegram has also passed 700 million people using the applications. And WhatsApp cannot fall asleep despite maintaining the hegemony in messaging: the platform continues to develop new features.

‘Read later’, an aesthetic change that also brings improvements

Read Later Whatsapp Change information for archived chats to read later. Image from WaBetaInfo

WhatsApp introduced the possibility of archiving conversations in 2014. First in the web version and later included in mobile applications, archived chats stay out of the conversation window until a new message comes in; then exiting the file to show that there is something new to read. This option disappears by default with the change to ‘Read later’.

It is not the first time that we come across the ‘Read Later’ of WhatsApp since in November 2020 the beta for Android left clues about how the new section would work. Now we have discovered thanks to WaBetaInfo that there is not much left for archived chats to switch to muted conversations to read later: the latest beta of WhatsApp for Android has refined the aesthetic appearance, includes new explanations of operation and also introduces new features.

Read Later Whatsapp WaBetaInfo screenshots

We can save any private or group chat to read later: these will be archived as before, although with the quality that silence will also apply. That is, the new messages will not revive the conversation, as it has been before. The purpose is no longer just to push unwanted conversations away without eliminating them, but also avoid interruptions. This is what WhatsApp itself specifies:

“To reduce interruptions, chats with new messages will stay here [en ‘Leer después’] and you won’t get any notification. “

Although the new section silences conversations when archiving them, this does not mean that the possibility of reliving them when new messages come in cannot be recovered: WaBetaInfo has verified that the app gives the option to automatically move the chats to the main window.

Read Later Whatsapp Option to automatically move muted chats if new messages come in. Image from WaBetaInfo

When WhatsApp officially updates the application, and all users can access the new ‘Read Later’, they will be able to choose between archive conversations and mute or just archive them. There is not much left, it will surely be included in future betas.

Via | WhatsApp

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