WhatsApp will not show you notifications of chats that you want to read later

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Chats to read later on WhatsApp.

A few months ago we told you that WhatsApp was preparing changes in the archived chats sectionI know that, as they are right now, it hardly makes any sense because it does not offer any utility regarding what the user wants to do. And it is that it does not make sense that we send there to a group or a contact that we do not want to bother us and, the first message that enters, returns to the main timeline with the others.

So, unsurprisingly, the Facebook folks have given the idea a spin and are finally going to get it when we want a chat to stop bothering us, do it effectively until we remember it, and not because WhatsApp simply detects new activity.

Read later and mute the app

Although that new “read later” section that will replace archived chats had already been seen in previous beta versions, it has not been until now that from the application itself they have decided to explain how it will work, as well as the do not disturb mode that will silence all notifications during the period of time that we indicate.

Chats to 'read later' on WhatsApp.
Chats to ‘read later’ on WhatsApp. WABetaInfo

Thus, this “read later” can work in two ways: either by choosing the conversations that we want to store there temporarily or permanently, to consult them at a given moment when we have time because we consider that they are not a priority; or activating a automatic mute throughout the application that some have come to liken to a kind of “vacation mode”: Are we going to the beach for 15 days? Well, we turn off all alerts so that nothing or no one interferes with our rest.

In any case, the object, now, is that in the case of those conversations that we do not want to have in view in the timeline we can hide them so that they do not bother us and, more importantly, that they do not become visible simply because a new one arrives message. Thus we have the option of avoiding contact with people and groups without going so far as to block them. Function that is the only one that, right now, guarantees us that an archived chat will not appear again along with all the others in which we participate on a daily basis.

As always with WhatsApp, these functions present in the beta versions still have a period of time ahead indeterminate until they become official in the releases that we all have installed on our smartphones.

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