Why some photos on WhatsApp look blurry

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It is possible that using WhatsApp you have ever found yourself, when entering a chat in which you had been sent a photo and that you want to recover, that it looks blurred and no longer opens. Well, this is quite common, has an explanation, and we are going to tell you why and how to avoid blurry photos on your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp only allows you to download the images once to the mobile

An image can be blurred when WhatsApp no ​​longer locates it on your mobile device. This usually happens when you delete the photo from your phone, but you access the chat in which that photo had been sent to you. You will see it there, but blurred.

What will have happened is that you downloaded the photograph to your phone – possibly you have the option enabled by default – and by cleaning images in your photo gallery, you decided to delete it. It can also happen that you deleted it by mistake.

The problem is that once you download a photo on your mobile device, it can no longer be downloaded from WhatsApp, and that is why it appears blurry. If you wanted to “recover” that photo, you would have to ask your contact to resend it to you, as there is no way to get it back. Be careful, remember that WhatsApp does not allow you to download profile photos.

How to automatically save WhatsApp photos

To control the way to automatically save – or not automatically save – the photos and videos that are sent to you by WhatsApp on your mobile or on an SD card, you just have to follow these steps if you want to activate it:

-Activate automatic saving of photos on Android: You just have to open WhatsApp and click on “More Options”. There go to «Settings» and then to «Chats», where you can activate «Show multimedia files in gallery.

-Activate automatic saving of photos in iOS: All you have to do is open WhatsApp and click on “Settings” then “Chats”, where you can activate “Save to Photos”.

As a curiosity, since we are talking about photos, just yesterday we commented on a trick that allows you to pixelate photos from your own WhatsApp account. You can check that and many other tricks here.


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