Why the Kindle Can’t Turn Off: The E-Ink Display Doesn’t Consume Power, But Other Items Do

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If your Kindle has a battery, it will always be on or in sleep mode. You won’t be able to turn it off, and in fact when holding the physical power button the two options that appear on the screen are “Restart” or “Turn off screen”. Why doesn’t Amazon allow us to turn off its e-book readers?

The truth is that it is not clear, but there are those who argue that it is not really necessary because these devices have an autonomy that can have them in suspension (and use) for weeks. The problem is that although e-ink displays are a marvel of efficiency, That Amazon’s obsession with having the device always-on is debatable.

The magic of flip-flop technology

There is a clear argument for not having to turn off the Kindle: its e-ink screen consumes little power. The bistable technology of E Ink displays It’s a little wonder in that sense.

Flip-flop? That’s how it is. This term refers to the ability of these screens to retain even in the basic Kindle that were born without that ability (like that of our device, and the indexing process can take some time.

All those little tasks mean that even if the Kindle is in sleep, its battery ends up draining. It is true that consumption is minimal, but it is there, although to further minimize this consumption we can activate the “Flight mode” (airplane mode) from the Kindle settings.

The truth is that with this option the energy consumption is even more reduced, and having this sleep mode then allows that when wanting to use the Kindle again, it is available almost immediately: a cold start would force us to wait a lot longer when starting the device completely, and of course the convenience of having that quick start is appreciated.

There is still a situation where not being able to completely turn off the device can be a problem: if the Kindle is locked for some reason and we can’t restart it by holding the power button for a few seconds, the only thing we can do is wait for the battery to run out. That is where the long autonomy of this device can end up being a condemnation.

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