Windows 10 has a goal for 2021: get Android apps working on your system

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For some time now, applications of Android are synchronized in Windows 10 through the application “Your phone” that allows smartphones to sync with their PCs. However, this feature is only supported on certain Android phones, and according to recent information shared by Microsoft watcher Zac bowden, the software giant wants to solve this deficiency by integrating Android applications universally in Windows.

Windows 10 will integrate Android apps

There are still many doubts about how exactly this is going to work, but Microsoft wants to allow users to run Android applications almost natively, so theoretically, it would not need another application to work.

It is ambitious plan of Microsoft, it seems they plan to make it happen sooner rather than later, according to rumors lwill arrive in 2021, via fall update which is, together with the spring, one of the most important that take place throughout the year. Since the spring update will likely bring us another small feature update with minor improvements, the fall update could be the one that introduces these new capabilities, although it is expected to roll out on Windows Insider builds (the beta versions). long before.

Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile

It is not the first time that Microsoft has tried to combine the two ecosystems in which applications are concerned, the company you have previously tried to bring Android applications to Windows 10 Mobile in an attempt to resolve the lack of options in the store. One of the preview builds that Microsoft shipped to its devices actually included support for Android apps, and it was possible to run them without the need for other tools, although this feature was eventually dropped.

For now, the current Windows 10 strategy seems to work much better than what they did with Windows 10 Mobile, so there’s a good chance Microsoft is much more committed to making the Android experience as polished as possible in the world. desk.

Everything has been revealed thanks to an expert

All this information have been unveiled by one of the most prestigious experts on Microsoft issues, Zac Bowden, what has revealed that Microsoft wants to clearly align itself with Google’s mobile OS to integrate it into Windows 10.

Competition to Apple

After the presentation of Manzana of their new computers with their own new M1 processors, which allows macOS users to install and natively run any iOS and iPadOS app That they get off the official stores, seems to have made Microsoft react that it wants to achieve something similar with Android.

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