Windows 10: How you can use it without melting the data rate

Windows 10: How you can use it without melting the data rate
Windows 10: How You Can Use It Without Melting The

Windows 10 is currently the most used operating system on desktops and laptops, as it provides an excellent variety of functions related to the world of the network of networks and among which is having control over the data that is consumed. Within the Microsoft tool we can see, for example, which programs are the ones that spend the most on the Internet, both via Wi-Fi and via Ethernet.

With which in this way we obtain a better management of what we consume, especially when sharing our connection between the smartphone and the pc. Just below we are going to explain how we can observe, control and restrict the use of data in Windows 10, apart from what to do with the applications that use much of the Internet that we have in the background.

What does data usage look like in Windows 10?

Many times we wonder how we can control the use of data in Windows 10, but what we do not know is that we can do this without using tools belonging to third parties. The operating system that corresponds to the Microsoft technology company includes functionalities that help us know when we have used up the Internet and what each application we have installed on our computer consumes.

We well know that not all tools use the same resources and it is actually only a few that share most of the cake. So, to appreciate how much Internet we have used in Windows 10 during the last month you have to visit the “Start” section, enter “Settings” and search “Network and Internet”.

Once we have entered this folder we go to “Use of data”. It is at this moment when we can select to see what has been consumed through Wi-Fi or via Ethernet. In a simple and simple way, we can appreciate what the computer has spent on the Internet.

When we have done this we have to select one of the two available options. In our case we have chosen Ethernet. Thus, a new window will open in which all the programs will be broken down and the amount of data will be displayed that each of them have consumed.

Remember that here we will be shown what has been spent over the last month. We have the ability to restore the statistics looking for the corresponding option to click on it. This is located above and once we have activated it, only the corresponding data will be shown to us from that precise moment.

How can it be controlled?

When we already know which applications use the most mobile data in Windows 10, we can select which ones we want to limit or control. We do this basically in order not to melt the rate of our smartphone, since many times we share the Internet from it. But also in the case of when we are connected to a network for public use, because we usually limit its consumption, as for example in practically any airport in the world.

Fortunately, Microsoft’s operating system fully enables us to put the limit that we want to the use of data. If we want to put this functionality into practice, we only have to go to “Configuration”, enter “Network and Internet” and look where it indicates “Show configuration” to choose what suits us: Wi-Fi or Ethernet. When we have done this, a panel with preferences will jump just below. The option that really interests us is called “Set limit”, located inside the section “Data limit”.

The limitation of mobile data we are allowed to set it in MB or GB. In addition, we can configure whether said control is going to be monthly, for one time or forever. We even have the ability to schedule a day to return to the original configuration, which can be, for example, when we renew the rate that we have contracted.

What do we do with the background applications?

Whenever we seek to limit the consumption of mobile data with Windows 10, we realize that there are annoying applications in the background that use the Internet that it costs us so much effort to save.

The habit of having programs running from behind not only reduces the use of the network of networks, but also has a decisive effect on the performance of the computer if it has limited resources. However, Microsoft’s operating system also allows us to control the use of tools that are below what we usually use. This control can be executed from the applications themselves and through the features of Windows 10.

If we want to do it, we just have to enter “Settings”, go to “Network and Internet” and enter “Data use”. When we are shown the available options, we select one of them, Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Here we will go to the section of “Background data” and inside we will be asked if we want to limit the use of them, to which we answer “Forever”.

Metered use connection

Windows 10 gives us, apart, the opportunity to establish a reduction of the data that it sends and receives with the intention of safeguarding as much as possible the use of the Internet by the computer. Such functionality is referred to as a metered usage connection.

To activate it from our Microsoft operating system we only have to go to “Settings”, accessing from the Start menu and just after clicking on “Network and Internet”. In the new screen that appears we select our Ethernet connection and if we look below we can see “Advanced Options”, which is where we must enter to establish a measured use of the network on our pc.

There we will perceive in the second place the variant “Metered Use Connections” and we will activate it, establishing a certain limitation in the use of the data for some programs that are not strictly necessary.