Winners of book of the year awards announced by Oireachtas na Gaeilge

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‘Máchail’ by Ré Ó Laighléis from Dublin who won the Gradam Uí Súilleabháin 2020 Award

Winners of book of the year awards announced by Oireachtas na Gaeilge

This year’s Gradam Uí Shúilleabháin was presented with this year’s Gradam Uí Shúilleabháin for his work by Ré Ó Laighléis and his publishing company Máchail.

It ‘s a novel Máchail about family hardship in Ireland that came under the sway of banks when the country’s economy collapsed.

Oireachtas na Gaeilge announced the book of the year awards online today and works from Futa Fata and Leabhar Breac won the other two awards.

The Butterfly and the King by Máire Zepf, published by Futa Fata, won the Rex Carlo Award, the award for book of the year for young people.

Ar Mouse and human, a translation by Colmcille Ó Monacháin of the work of John Steinbeck Of Mice and Men, a won the Gradam de Baldraithe, the award for translated work. Leabhar Breac published that work.

Speaking to, an author said Máchail, Ré Ó Laighléis, founder of Móinín Publishing House, located in County Clare, said he was “delighted” to receive the Gradam Uí Shúilleabháin 2020 for his work Máchail.

Máire Zepf

“This award should encourage small publishers in that Móinín is a publisher that does not receive and does not seek a grant from Foras na Gaeilge, which Irish language publishers generally receive,” he said.

This is the second major literary prize awarded to Ó Laighléis for his work Máchail, as he won ‘Prose Highlight of the Year’ at the 2019 Oireachtas Literary Competition.

A prize fund of € 17,000 was awarded to the books of the year at an event held online today.

Gradam Uí Shúilleabháin is worth € 5,000 to the publisher and € 2,500 to the author of the work, € 5,000 to the publisher and € 1,250 to the author of the Gradam Réics Carló. The publisher of the work is awarded € 1,500 for Gradam de Baldraithe and € 500 for the translator.

Liam Ó Maolaodha, Director of the., Congratulated all the winners and said that it must be ensured that Irish language publications are available to Irish language readers around the world during the pandemic.

Colmcille Ó Monacháin

“Irish language literature is booming, not only in this country but in Europe and beyond. It is encouraging for all of us to see an Irish language work being translated into another language, as well as making excellent publications from other languages ​​available in Irish.

“It simply came to our notice then it is about the success and vitality of our language, our writers and our publishing houses. We must now, especially in the light of the economic turmoil and other challenges posed by the pandemic, ensure that these books reach the markets they are looking for, ”said Liam Ó Maolaodha.

The Chief Executive of Foras na Gaeilge, Seán Ó Coinn, said that there was “vitality and meaning” in the Irish language book sector at the moment even though “the publishing houses were under pressure”.

“Hope I think that being shortlisted will be a morale booster and a sales boost for them this year, ”said Seán Ó Coinn.