With the new family mode, Apple wants the Apple Watch to be a watch for children

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With the new Apple Watch Series 6 comes watchOS 7. And Apple wants kids to use their smartwatch too. In its September keynote, Apple introduces us to the new Family Settings. It is a new family mode that will allow you to configure the Apple Watch from the iPhone, so that children can talk on the phone and use messages with other friends in a safe way.

Family Settings can be understood as a parental mode for the Apple Watch. The idea of ​​the new option is that an additional iPhone is not needed to configure the clock and that children can take advantage of applications such as the App Store (with children’s apps), Maps or Siri. With this new tool, parents will be able to “get in touch with their children and view your location while personal data is encrypted“as described by Apple.

Family settings: a tool for the little ones or older

Find My

With Family Settings, the iPhone of one of the family members (eg father or mother) will be used to adjust the Apple Watch of the rest. With this option, you can make and receive phone calls as well as FaceTime audio, send emails and messages, and talk with other Apple Watch users with Walkie-talkie.

It is in a way that also fits older people, since those in charge of the family will be able to configure the Apple Watch so that they can call by themselves, but it can also be known where they are.

Family Setup

With Family Settings, each user will have their own phone number on separate data plans. But there will be data that is shared. You can create family events, organize with reminders, sync photos and even with Apple Cash, parents can send money to your kids to spend through Apple Pay. And receive a notification on your mobile when your children buy something.

The location of a relative can be shared with the person in charge via the Find People app on your Apple Watch. At the level of the Activity rings, these have been optimized for children to perform personalized exercises and have been adapted to the little ones.

Family Settings will include a class mode, so that children stay focused. In this mode there will be a yellow circle, where you can configure a schedule so that the clock is not available at certain times.


To entertain the little ones, Family Settings includes the new Memoji app for Apple Watch, where you can create a Memoji and apply it as a clock face.

Family Settings will be available starting September 16 as a free update. It will be compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 or later or Apple Watch SE with watchOS 7. It will be necessary to have an iPhone with iOS14.