With this new version of Microsoft Edge you will save money on your purchases

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As usual, when a new version of Google Chrome, within a few days Microsoft does the same with Edge, your Chromium-based browser. The AEdge 87 update stably to everyone, so most users will receive this update on their computers. Being a very important update, the browser is going to receive many interesting news. This new update is focused among other features on a function to make our purchases easier and new options focused on productivity.

There is a very interesting section for users with computers and business software. This is the New Business Tab Page (NTP) and the redirection of incompatible sites from Internet Explorer. Also, there are improvements in document printing, PDF underlining and security, such as support for TLS Token Binding, a whole new experience with which Microsoft wants to reach more companies.

Sites incompatible with Internet Explorer will automatically open with Microsoft Edge

With this new version of Microsoft Edge 87, Microsoft continues in its goal of definitely killing Internet Explore. Due to this, when the user decides to visit a website that is not compatible with Internet Explorer, the new Edge browser based on Chrome will automatically open, which is pre-installed on all updated Windows computers. For a few months now, Microsoft Teams and other services such as Microsoft 365 recently stopped supporting Internet Explorer.

A new way to save on Christmas shopping

New Microsoft Edge shopping feature Microsoft

The Shopping feature It began to develop versions back as the Edge 86, finishing development completely in this update.

The new “Shopping” feature shows the discount coupons available on the websites. Now thanks to this new function, when you enter a website with discounts, the browser will notify us and we can see the codes at the top.

In the case of business users, if you do not want to have this feature active, it will be possible to use the “EdgeShoppingAssistantEnabled” policy to disable it.

New tab page improvements

The New tab page has been updated with voice search capabilities: Simply click on the microphone icon in the search box and start speaking.

The New Tab page now supports a new icon for Offers which will provide you with a “personalized set of up-to-date retail discounts”. This is not enabled by default, so if you’re interested, you can open the New Tab page, click the “+” icon under Top Sites, and then select Deals.

URL pasting improvements

Now when you copy one Url address web page in the perimeter address bar and then paste it into an email or elsewhere on a web page, it will be shortened automatically by default. If you prefer the full URL, you can paste it as plain text (CTRL + SHIFT + V) and of course you can change it to be the default if you want. (Just right-click and choose Paste As> Change Default.)

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