WRC 9, Xbox One analysis

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WRC 9 lands on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. A fairly continuous delivery but still extremely fun to drive.


We are preparing, in just over a month, to analyze a third driving game in MeriStation. In this case we speak of a somewhat continuous ralis title but that at least is fun enough to invest our savings in it. We talk about WRC 9, Kylotonn’s proposal that arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One —platform analyzed—, computers, Nintendo Switch in November and for next generation consoles.

In the past we saw that WRC 8 It improved substantially with respect to its predecessors, something that is considered normal due to the cooking time that this video game had with respect to its seventh part. Now, a year apart between the eighth and WRC 9, we look with a magnifying glass if there has been improvement in the latter.

Same dog …

WRC 9 is, what is often said, the same dog with different necklace. There are news, yes, but the video game suffers from an extreme classic continuity that has made former players of the franchise want to leave this ninth installment on the shelf. However, this statement is as true as that the game continues his constant annual struggle to improve and get better.

In the absence of a version for Nintendo Switch that will arrive soon and those dedicated to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the content of the video game is very similar to last year. We once again have a highly recommended Career mode where you will spend whole afternoons in it. There is a lot to configure in this game mode, from unlocking a physiotherapist who improves team performance, a financial advisor who works wonders with the money obtained or improvements for the car that we drive. There is no substantial improvement over WRC 8 although there is a advanced skill tree and some other addition. The typical recurring mode in driving games where we start from scratch until we are full-fledged drivers.

wrc 9

On the other hand, we have a Season that is to be the World Rally Championship but without team management, as was the case with WRC 8. This mode allows us to experience the emotion of the official championship but without having to distribute our mental logistics between the plane. skillful and strategic that concerns team management. A very appetizing and fast-consuming mode with some chicha.

We can also to train to improve our times, perform loose races or compete with another player with a single console. Come on, what has been a lot of modes for offline mode that many will surely appreciate.

For the online section we have a novelty; he Clubs mode. A kind of competition created by you or by other players where an unlimited number of players can join. In this way of playing we create our own championships or we join others to compete among those who are signed up. We can join a maximum of four clubs so the bite with other players is four times larger than usual. Without a doubt, a very juicy novelty although somewhat lack of ambition.

wrc 9

Then we have the Online Events, those daily and weekly where the player is offered the opportunity to try challenges created by Kylotonn. Both the available tests and the vehicles are chosen by the developer and according to our position at the end of the challenges we will rise in the global leaderboard of the video game.

Needless to say, of course, the usual lobby to find and create both private and public custom games. They have different customization options and it is always a game mode that allows quick games against friends, acquaintances or foreigners under your criteria or that of other players.

In short, the same as WRC 8 but with some improvement here and there —Racing and Clubs mode— that makes it not surprising in this regard but is still enough to entertain the player for months.


The WRC franchise is not characterized by a reliable simulation of the handling of the vehicles that appear in its titles, rather by the union of this and the arcade. For better or for worse – depending on who you ask – the saga has always known how to mix realism with the playable by creating exquisite control which is suitable for both experts and novices.

wrc 9

With WRC 9 this section goes even further and although the control is practically the same, the vehicles behave slightly differently, making the vehicles feel somewhat more real but, at the same time, much more controllable. This is also due to the excellent configuration screen of its controls where we can adjust practically any detail that affects the handling of the car. With this we get to pilot one of the fifteen vehicles available in its more than 100 special stages be it a challenge – without being extremely realistic – or a pleasant but somewhat spicy. There are somewhat strange behaviors but seeing the look of the title is something forgivable.

The best sensations will undoubtedly come with a steering wheel as a peripheral but the truth is that with the pad it is controlled extremely well. As we say, still there is room for improvement In this aspect, but it all depends on whether they want to pull the saga towards realism or not, although from here we think that it is not necessary, what there is entertains a lot. Of course, the physics should improve enough that it does not feel so unreal.

Technically pocho

We will not hide it WRC 9 is still an ugly duckling who has a long way to go to be an adult. Resolution 1080p at 30fps on Xbox One and a graphic section that is not even remotely what is expected of a game of the latest batch. Some shadows are also strange, there is late loading of elements and popping something usual. We have also noticed that the color palette is somewhat darker and even the lighting, causing that sometimes we can barely see what happens on the screen. We therefore recommend raise the brightness a little in this situations.

wrc 9

In the sound we have not noticed change. The cars still sound good without much fanfare — there aren’t many either so it wasn’t very difficult to get it wrong — the music goes a bit unnoticed and the translation and dubbing into Spanish is more than correct. We applaud that the tone used is more serious than usual, moving away from the typical canis voices of the driving genre.

Yes, there are errors in the sound in heaps. Sometimes the vehicles stop ringing, sometimes they sound strange, sometimes they sound like a can and sometimes they cause hang up. It is quite probable that at some point, and until they correct it, the video game will be blocked. It is something that has been reported in all available versions so it does not matter which one you choose to play.


WRC 9 is a fairly continuous title that brings little news. Just a few new vehicles, three new rallies —Kenya, Japan and New Zealand— as well as the Clubs Mode, which is still a low-vitamin online championship. Luckily, the game has improved in control and is now even more fun and easy to handle which ensures plenty of fun. Graphically it is not up to par but it is not a reason for crucifixion either.


  • Official WRC license.
  • Three new official rallies.
  • Improved control. Very funny.


  • Technically pocho despite being a last batch title.
  • Serious problems with the sound.
  • The physics of the vehicles is unrealistic.
  • Hardly succulent news.


It meets the expectations of what a good game is, has quality and does not present serious flaws, although it is missing elements that could have taken it to higher levels.