Xiaomi has a 16-inch LCD whiteboard, with pencil, perfect for your children

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Xiaomi has a 16-inch LCD whiteboard, with pencil, perfect for your children

Xiaomi is one of the few companies that continues to exploit a market through which there are still few companies that want to transit, especially when we talk about the European and Spanish market, where tablets to watch series and movies, play is more popular among children or access channels through YouTube Kids. And it is that these LCD blackboards with pencil are perfect for the little ones to let their imaginations run wild.

Xiaoxun 16 ″ LCD Tablet. "Srcset =" https: https: https: https: //d500.epimg.net/t.gif 200w
Xiaoxun 16 ″ LCD Tablet.

Be that as it may, Xiaomi is clear that it will continue on that path and now it brings a really interesting model, not only for the functions it offers to the smallest of the house but for its specifications and price. Which is, as usually happens with the Chinese, of those claims that are difficult to resist.

With pencil to paint in full colour

Is Xiaoxun 16-inch LCD is nothing but a huge whiteboard where the smallest of the house can draw and write everything they want. In addition to that focused design for them, with typical colours in blue and pink (you know why), it has a huge screen where they can write and draw using three unique colours: green, yellow and blue.

Xiaoxun 16 ″ LCD Tablet "srcset =" https: https: https: https: //d500.epimg.net/t.gif 200w
Xiaoxun 16 ″ LCD Tablet

With very fine design, it is made of ABS plastic and has a kind of Home button that the child can press to access some functions such as saving what you just jotted down or drawing, and of course, creating another canvas. Actually, that 16-inch size is equivalent to that of an A4 sheet which is the standard used in schools to carry out work, homework, etc.

Xiaoxun 16 '' LCD Tablet. "Srcset =" https: https: https: https: //d500.epimg.net/t.gif 200w
Xiaoxun 16 ” LCD Tablet.

One of its big claims, in addition to the size of the screen, It is a pencil that the little ones can take everywhere thanks to a magnetic anchor that leaves it stuck when they keep it in the backpack. In this way, they do not lose it and gain in functionality compared to other Chinese blackboards that do not have a component like this.

It has a very useful lock button on one of the sides that allows the child to continue drawing while preventing anything from being erased from the screen. This is especially useful so that the kids do not lose anything they do before transferring it to another medium to store it. This Xiaoxun 16 ″ LCD tablet is already on sale in China at a price of 199 yuan, that is, about 25 euros in exchange.