Xiaomi has a car inflator as big as a can of soda

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Surely it has happened to you some time, when driving with your car the warning light jumps on the main panel to point out that one of the wheels has lost pressure, so you have to find a gas station to fill the air that has been lost. AND it is in those moments where we miss having a smart inflator like the one that Xiaomi has put up for sale.

His name brings them, for long, MOJIETU Lightning-A Smart & Portable Tire Inflator and is dedicated to everything you imagine only it does it in a very special way: the first because of its size, which as you can see is completely transportable and is barely as big as a can of soft drinks; and the second for its way of use, which informs us at all times, and precisely, what is the pressure we want to breathe into the wheel.

With charger and battery to be autonomous

The design of this smart inflator oozes originality because it is the handle of the system itself that acts as a tube to connect it to the wheel. With it connected, this device will show us the pressure we are applying on the screen and we can stop when we see that the appropriate number is reached. Obviously, inflating the wheel of a car is not the same as that of a bicycle or motorcycle, so East MOJIETU Lightning-A Smart & Portable Tire Inflator comes with four different modes, and smarts, to apply each time.

MOJIETU Lightning-A Smart & Portable Tire Inflator.

As you can see from the opening image, It has a USB-C port through which we can charge its battery, which is 2,600 mAh. and it will give us several uses a day without problems. Now, do not think that you can only fill the tires of two and four-wheel vehicles, any other device that can inflate can pass through your hands. It is the case of balls and other objects on which it will only depend that we have a compatible mouthpiece.

This MOJIETU Lightning-A Smart & Portable Tire Inflator has a screen on the top that, in addition to indicating the pressure, allows (according to the manufacturer) to illuminate the area in which we are working to see without problems, for example, the tire in in the middle of a poorly lit highway. You have it available to order it right now when you are in the crowdfunding phase and with delivery date from August this year, priced at $ 49, that is, about 43 euros.

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