Xiaomi has a USB lamp that disinfects your PC for just 10 euros

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With the arrival of the pandemic and the subsequent confinement measures, we have all had to face the reality of living with a virus for which there is no vaccine or remedy by adapting our habits. And one of them goes through that of disinfect ourselves whenever we can to avoid contagion by resorting to those hydroalcoholic gels, the masks, the safety distance and, of course, the devices that allow us to sterilize all our daily objects: keys, cups, mobiles, helmets, etc.

Power controls on the lamp.

In the heat of this fever for sterilization Brands like Xiaomi have triggered the development of these gadgets which, at a very competitive price, allow us to quickly sterilize any surface, using a technology that all experts agree to call very effective: the application of ultraviolet (UV) rays.

USB lamp for computer

This new device that Xiaomi has brought to its Youpin crowdfunding platform and that has far exceeded the money they needed to make it viable (165% at this time), it is as simple as it is cheap and allows us to keep our computer in perfect magazine condition since it is capable of projecting its UV light against the keyboard, or the screen, and eliminating any presence of viruses, bacteria or whatever.

USB disinfection lamp.

It is a very simple lamp that we can only connect to a computer USB-A port (or wall if we have it installed and even a mobile charger) and that has a series of controls on its head to configure the disinfection process. Of course, it is important to say that, although we only talk about “sterilizing” or “disinfecting”, it also offers lighting benefits for that bedside table next to the one we always read.

USB lamp for Xiaomi computers.

This lamp It has four sterilization speeds and another five of brightness, fully adjustable, LEDs with a useful life, according to the manufacturer, of more than 20,000 hours, as well as an infrared sensor and a small OLED screen that indicates the programs that we choose. According to the manufacturer, thanks to this gadget we can perform a “deep ultraviolet sterilization”. And it is that depending on the distance that we place what we want to disinfect, the longer it will take to complete the process.

For example, your maximum working radius will be 50cm, that is, half a meter. If we place an object at 15cm. we will achieve effective sterilization in little more than 10 minutes. If we increase that distance to 25cm., The thing goes up to half an hour. As you can see, it is important to follow the instructions so as not to leave one of these cleaning processes halfway through and not achieve anything. If you are interested, you can reserve one, with a shipping date for next October and at a price of only 12 euros (at the exchange rate).