Xiaomi has an air purifier that you can pre-order now on Kickstarter

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With the arrival of the coronavirus we have all realized the amount of tasks that we perform on a daily basis without taking the minimum security measures so that our environment can be considered healthy. It is true that every morning we open the windows so that the rooms are ventilated, but the same thing is missing one more plus that Xiaomi is willing to offer us.

And it is that it has been a long time since it has put an interesting purifier on Kickstarter that can take the air in a room and turn it around so that it returns to us completely clean and healthy. A gadget that succeeded in completing its financial goals to reach its backers in November of last year, but now has returned to the present after a new opportunity to acquire it appears.

New units available to buy

The fact is that, as we say, after being closed for weeks, the Chinese have opened a small consignment of units that we have available to book right now and you have the ability to filter up to 400m³ of air per hour and that works with a power of about 400W. All that amount of work from the Smartmi Air Purifier allows us to install it in rooms of up to 48 square meters.

In addition, this device has a color LCD screen, on top, that It tells us what the air quality is at all times thanks to a color code that allows you to speed up or slow down the flow of air that purifies. In addition, its cylinder-shaped design allows it to create a 360º air inlet that leaves no space for suspended particles, bacteria, viruses and germs to end up trapped in its filters. That screen not only tells us what the Smartmi Air Purifier’s working regime is, but also It also gives details of the type of particles that it finds as well as the temperature and humidity of the air in a constant way, practically in real time.

Finally, all the equipment can be controlled through the screen of our smartphone, thanks to an official application that will allow us to know in detail what the air quality is like before returning home, which enables us to turn it on or off and, why not, give it more power so that the cleaning process lasts much less time. If you are interested in getting one, you can do it right now at a price of $ 219, that is, about 180 euros to change, with immediate delivery date.


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