Xiaomi launches a giant intelligent air conditioning tower that is controlled from the mobile.

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Xiaomi once again he surprised us with one of those interesting products that appear almost every day on Youpin, a Xiaomi crowdfunding platform. This time, it’s about a giant smart air conditioning tower with HEPA filter, becoming the perfect ally in the fight against COVID-19.

An air conditioning tower that stands out for offering dual temperature and humidity control, in addition to a low power mode. One of the main problems of air conditioners is the extremely high electricity consumption, causing us to receive scary bills in the hottest months. But will not happen with this tower Xiaomi Smart Air.

With the best energy efficiency

This product has “giant energy savings”, in order to offer energy efficiency. Offers a energy efficiency far superior to class A that was used before. On the other hand, it not only performs the functions of air conditioning, as well as humidity control.

To perform all these functions, you have a remote control to calibrate the temperature at 0.5ºC to get the most perfect temperature. In addition, you can also control the humidity in a range of 45 to 60 percent. It has enough power to cool a room of up to 40 square meters.

Can be controlled from smartphone

This Xiaomi device can be controlled through the Mijia app. Through the app, you can adjust any value depending on your needs through your mobile phone. In addition, it is compatible with Xiao Ai, the voice assistant of the Asian brand.

This vertical air conditioner has HEPA filters, which guarantees that there will not be a trace of pollen or bacteria, in this way you can enjoy an environment as pure as possible in these times of Covid-19. If we stop at its design, indicate that it is cylindrical, created to occupy the minimum space, it also has an LED screen, through which you can adjust any parameter of this device.

Availability and launch price

This Xiaomi product will not leave the Asian territory at the moment. And seeing its dimensions. Its launch price is 5599 yuan, about 720 euros to change.


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