Xiaomi launches a new air conditioner and dispensers for pets

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xiaomi food dispenser air conditionerXiaomi has prepared a few weeks full of interesting news. In the coming days it will present its first 8K television, and meanwhile it continues to introduce new features on the market. Today she presented a vertical air conditioner that we can put anywhere in the house.

Xiaomi New Level 3 Vertical Air Conditioner

Xiaomi has launched a new wall air conditioner even cheaper than previous models for 2,099 yuan (264 euros to change), but it has also launched a new model with a vertical design that we can comfortably put anywhere in the house without screwing it to the wall. The ideal area of ​​use is between 20 and 30 square meters, with a loudness as low as 33 dBa. The air conditioning has antibacterial filters and antifungal filters.

xiaomi air

This air conditioner features a compact cylindrical design that has a touch panel on the top to control it. In addition, we can control it through the mobile application or with voice commands through XiaoAI. The appliance has an outside pump, so the appliance cannot move freely around the house.

Its price is 3,999 yuan (503 euros), with a power of 2 HP, compared to the model launched in November that had 3 HP and cost 5,999 yuan (755 euros)

Mijia Smart Pet Feeder

With regard to pets, Xiaomi today launched two new products: a smart food dispenser and another for water. The first, the food one, is designed for medium-sized dogs or adult cats. For puppies or very large animals it is too small.

The dispenser can store up to 1.8 kg of food, which is enough for about 15-20 days for an adult cat or small dog. The food is sealed to prevent moisture from entering and spoiling the food, as well as a smart drop system that prevents clogging.

The dispenser can be controlled from the app comfortably to create a dispensing plan, being able to add food if necessary. In addition, we will receive alerts when food is low.

Its price is 399 yuan, about 50 euros to change, and is already for sale in China.

Mijia Smart Pet Water Dispenser

Along with the food dispenser, Xiaomi has also launched a water dispenser. This dispenser has several filters to purify the water, eliminating chlorine, odors, calcium and magnesium, helping to avoid the creation of kidney stones. Xiaomi recommends changing the filters every month, pouring water for 2 minutes on the new ones to activate them.

The water dispenser has several modes for dispensing water, with a normal mode that constantly flushes water 24 hours a day, or the smart mode that jets high intensity throughout the day. The tank capacity is two liters, which can last between 4 and 7 days.

Its price is 169 yuan, about 21 euros to change, and is already for sale in China.