Xiaomi launches a new cheap smart humidifier

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mijia smart humidifier xiaomiXiaomi has a large number of products related to the humidification and air purification. China is one of the countries in the world with the worst air quality, and these types of devices are almost essential. Now, a new smart humidifier from the company has come at a knockdown price.

The new device is the Mijia Smart Humidifier, being the fourth launched under the Mijia home brand. This humidifier from Xiaomi is able to monitor ambient humidity in real time and dynamically adjust it to keep it stable. By default, the humidity is at 60%, releasing water vapor at different intensities to maintain it. The humidity can be adjusted to be between 40 and 70%.

Kills 99.9% of bacteria in water

The capacity of the device is 4 liters, being able to maintain a constant humidification during 26 hours with that amount of water. The maximum amount of water vapor that it expels per hour can be up to 300 ml, so at maximum performance the tank can run out of water in just over 13 hours. The tank is coated with silver ion antibacterial materials, inhibiting the growth of 99.9% of bacteria.

xiaomi mijia smart humidifier

At the design level, the same ease of filling of previous models is maintained, where you simply have to lift the top cover to fill it and you do not have to open the tank. We also have a wheel at the bottom that serves as a power button, where if we leave it pressed it will turn off or on. The short press will allow us to activate or deactivate the WiFi function, and we can rotate the wheel to choose between three different operating modes.

The noise level of the humidifier is very low, being able to make at most a noise of 38 dB, or as little noise as 32 dB. This loudness level is lower than previous models thanks to a redesigned plate and water flow control. In addition, at the security level, the device stops as soon as it detects movement.

It costs 31 euros to change

The steam flow is expelled making a kind of vortex. Thanks to this, the water rises and is distributed more evenly throughout the room, moistening only the air and not wetting the floor. Thanks to this, it does not damage the parquet or wooden surfaces that are nearby, which need some ambient humidity but not too much.

The humidifier has Wifi, thanks to which we can control it using the Mijia application, even through voice using the XiaoAI voice assistant.