Xiaomi launches a new external battery with wireless fast charging

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xiaomi external battery 1Xiaomi has a wide variety of external batteries for sale. One of them has wireless charging, and the company sells it in Spain for 29.99 euros. This battery offers 10,000 mAh of capacity and charges at a maximum power of 10 W by wireless charging. Now the company has released a new version that charges three times faster without cables.

The new one external battery Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Bank 30W 10000mAh It is very similar on a physical level with respect to the previous model, but it introduces several changes and improvements, as well as including an interesting accessory to be able to use it as an all-in-one wireless charger.

The Xiaomi battery is also a wireless charger when we are at home

The first change is found in the layout of the ports. Instead of having the port USB A and the port USB C, instead we now have a five-pin connector in between. This connector is one of the most curious novelties of the battery, since it includes a dock in which we can put the battery slightly inclined. This allows us to place the mobile as if it were a normal stand, and we can charge the mobile without a cable on it. In addition, we can take the battery with us just by lifting it without having to disconnect cables. Therefore, we have a two-in-one device, since at home it is a wireless charger, and outside it it is an external battery.

xiaomi battery 30w

In the place where the five pins are now to connect the battery to the dock we used to have the battery status LEDs. These LEDs now move to the side.

The USB C port of the battery offers bidirectional charging, with a maximum input power of 18 W to charge the battery, and a maximum output power of 30 W. This power of 30 W is the same as that offered by wireless charging, For example, this figure being the one found in the Mi 10. We can charge two devices at the same time with the two USB connectors that it includes, although the charging power is reduced to 15 W per port since it has to distribute the 30 W between both. connectors.

Thus, the maximum power per USB is 30 W (10 V and 3 A), while through the normal USB port the maximum output power is 27 W. The actual battery capacity is 5,600 mAh, slightly less than the 5,800 mAh of the previous model.

The Mi Wireless Power Bank 30 W also charges low-power devices

The battery has a power button that allows us to check the status of the battery. It also has a mode for connecting low-power devices, such as a Mi Band or USB headphones. To activate this mode, it is only necessary to press the power button twice. Wireless charging only works if the mobile or device we want to charge is 5 mm or less from the charging surface.

The price of the battery is 199 yuan, about 25 euros to change. Will be on sale next September 22. Xiaomi includes a USB C to USB A cable, but does not include a charger, so you will have to buy one of at least 30 W additionally.