Xiaomi launches a new smart oven with automatic recipes

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xiaomi smart oven oven

Xiaomi seems willing to turn into intelligent any household device. If a few days ago they launched a smart microwave with automatic recipes, now they have brought that same technology to a oven which is also capable of steaming, among other features it includes.

He Mijia Smart Steaming Oven is a versatile oven that can steam, bake, fry and cook. The oven includes a steaming pan, a grill, and a baking sheet. Its power is 1,200 W in steam mode, and it can produce a uniform and dense steam inside in 30 seconds. It can also steam for 120 minutes if we add additional water inside. The water tank at the bottom has a capacity of 1.2 liters, allowing you to add even more water during the cooking process without losing the internal temperature or steam.

You can steam and cook with the resistance at the same time

In baking mode, the power rises to 1,450 W, where the heat is distributed evenly throughout the interior. It is also possible to combine modes, for example being able to steam a roast and then use the bake mode to make the outside crisp. The interior has a volume of 30 liters.

xiaomi oven 2

As for smart functionalities, the oven has WiFi connectivity and accepts more than 50 Xiaomi recipes that are in the cloud, being able to choose the one we want and customize the cooking time, mode or name. It can also be controlled by voice with XiaoAI to pause cooking or see how much time you have left.

It costs 159 euros, and it can be purchased from Spain

Its price is 1,299 yuan during crowdfunding, some 159 euros to change, and later its price will rise to 1,499 yuan, about 184 euros to change. It can be purchased in China from tomorrow, August 26. It is to be expected that this oven can be purchased from Spain, since in some export stores in China we can get hold of the microwave announced just a few days ago. Of course, the price will probably be double that of a normal 1,500 W oven that we can buy in Spain, where we will be paying that extra for having a smart oven capable of cooking recipes and controlling it with the mobile.

Beyond these devices for the kitchen, Xiaomi has been quite calm for a few weeks in terms of news after announcing its new wireless charging devices, including a mat similar to Apple’s canceled AirPower, which allows wireless charging of any device. Its operation is simple, detecting where the device we want to charge is on the mat, and moving the charger there.