Xiaomi launches a small gadget that will purify the air in your car and free it from

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Xiaomi surprises us once again with one of those interesting products that appear almost every day in Youpin, to Xiaomi crowdfunding platform. Y is that the Asian giant is one of the manufacturers with the most variety of smart devices in its catalog. Among the many accessories for daily life on the platform, there is no shortage of products dedicated to wellness. On this occasion, the brand brings us a smart gadget capable of purifying and sterilizing the air in your car or small room in times of infection.

Purify and sterilize the air in your car or small room

This gadget is about a little purify air, It belongs to the ecological division of the Asian company, and its purchase price is very competent, we can buy it for about 30 euros on AliExpress. Among everything that can be detailed about this device, it stands out that it includes an ozone generator, which is perfect for this time of pandemic, since it allows us sterilize the environment from bacteria and germs.

If we stop at its design, it closely resembles the design of the macar’s portable speakers. Inside there is a filter capable of capturing PM2.5 particles, this is capable of capturing air formaldehyde and thus makes the surrounding air cleaner.

Xiaomi gadget that purifies car air YouPin

It is designed for the car, although it must be said that its purification system is also effective in environments between 5-10 square meters. This allows for example by purifying the air in a small office or room in a house.

Obviously to function it needs autonomy, and this is done through a battery of 2,000mAh. With only 30 minutes in operation, we can sterilize the environment of any previously mentioned environment of up to 5-10 square meters or of the car that is its main purpose, and thus we will eliminate harmful particles and better preserve our health.

Price and availability

A most interesting gadget, which undoubtedly maintains a great quality / price ratio like the rest of Xiaomi products. Do not forget that currently you can buy on AliExpress for just over 30 euros. At the moment, everything indicates that at first it will only be available for physical purchase in China, but it will probably be able to reach our country through certain distributors such as the brand’s physical stores.


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