Xiaomi launches its best smart lock and a cordless drill

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xiaomi drill lock

Xiaomi little by little it continues to expand its product catalog. Last week they announced more than a dozen new products, and this week they continue to add new devices to their ecosystem. In the last hours they have announced the launch of a new smart lock, as well as a electric screwdriver.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock 1S

Xiaomi has a vast ecosystem of smart locks. Now, its new more complete model offers up to seven unlocking modes, in addition to having a theft-proof locking system and combining doorbell and lock in the same device. Among the unlock modes we find fingerprint, password, Bluetooth, HomeKit, NFC, physical key or PIN.

According to its statistics, the most used system is unlocking with a fingerprint, since it is only necessary to open the door by putting the fingerprint on the reader, and it is automatically unlocked without having to remove the keys or mobile to pass the NFC. In addition, it is safer than using Bluetooth, since simply being near the door, it is unlocked regardless of whether there is someone near us.

In addition to being compatible with the Xiaomi ecosystem, the lock is compatible with Apple HomeKit, being able to use Siri to open and close the door, and combine it with other actions such as the light turning on automatically when entering the house from a certain time. The battery lasts 18 months, and is charged via USB C.

Its price is 1,299 yuan, about 168 euros to change, and is already on sale in China. At the moment they are not officially sold outside of China, but some export stores do allow you to buy them.

Mijia Brushless Smart Home Electric Drill

The electric drills and screwdrivers they are getting cheaper. Its demand has exploded in the last year, and there are more and more models to choose from. Therefore, it is not surprising that, after launching electric screwdrivers of precision, Xiaomi has ventured into the large ones with speed adjustment and that can act as a drill.

The Mijia Brushless Smart Home Electric Drill It has a scratch and stain resistant layer, made of PC and ABS. The handle has non-slip rubber. The motor is brushless, offering longer life and less noise. The maximum torque is 30 Nm, with a maximum speed of 1400 RPM.

The torque is adjustable with 30 different gears, so that we can use it to screw at low speed, or use it at maximum speed to drill even metal or walls. You can choose between screwdriver mode or drill mode, as well as change the direction of rotation, seeing everything at the moment on the screen.

The drill has a USB C connector on the bottom, and the built-in battery features 2,000 mAh, being able to tighten 550 screws with it, or drill a 6 mm steel plate 22 times, as well as make a 4 cm hole in wooden plates more than 280 times. The battery, unfortunately, does not seem to be interchangeable, something very comfortable in this type of device so as not to have to wait for it to charge. Includes a complete pack of bits and screwdriver bits. Its launch price is 449 yuan, about 58 euros To the change. Later, it will rise to 499 yuan, about 65 euros.

Two new products for Spain

The company has also put on sale in China a curious 5.2-inch ebook with 720p resolution and a pixel density of 284 dpi. It has a built-in light, 1 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, and a 1,400 mAh battery, all for 78 euros. In Spain they have also put on sale in their official store the Mi Smart Clock, their smart watch for 49.99 euros, as well as an electric screwdriver set with 16 bits for 19.99 euros.

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