Xiaomi launches its new headphones inspired by Pokémon: know its price


Are you a fan of 90s anime? Well, this is the surprise that the Chinese company gives. Xiaomi has launched a headset for Pokémon fans, these are the Xiaomi Air 2S, the same ones that now bring a rechargeable case with the figure of Pikachu and completely yellow. Will it reach Latin America?

These headphones are characterized by being very similar to AirPods. They come with a kind of tail and a touch control so that you can control a variety of devices such as your music, among others.

Regarding their autonomy, Xiaomi Air 2S They have up to 24 hours of activity, it can also be recharged to 100% up to 4 times. Also, its charging system is via USB Type-C and wireless cable.

On the other hand, the wireless headphones are provided with a 14.2mm driver that delivers high-quality audio through Bluetooth 5.0. The Xiaomi Mi Air 2S have an LHDC sound codec which is the standard among high-end headphones.

This is how Xiaomi headphones look with a Pokémon design.  (Photo: Xiaomi)
This is how Xiaomi headphones look with a Pokémon design. (Photo: Xiaomi)

The manufacturer ensures that if you want to charge the box of the devices it would take up to an hour, something more than enough in case you want to use the headphones for up to 24 hours, even watching videos, listening to music, among others.

For now Xiaomi is announcing this yellow Pokémon model, in the style of Pikachu, for the Chinese market. The Xiaomi Mi Airdots 2s have an official price of 399 yuan, about 52 euros to change.

At the moment it is unknown if this model of the Xiaomi Mi Airdots 2s reach the Peruvian market or the rest of Latin America such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, among others.

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