Xiaomi launches the new version of its cheap smart speaker

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xiaomi mi ai speaker 2 gen

Xiaomi has a wide variety of smart speakers in the market. In Spain they even sell the Mi Smart Speaker, as well as the Mi Smart Clock, both with the Google Assistant integrated. Now, they have released a new version of their best selling smart speaker.

We talk about Xiaomi AI Speaker 2nd generation, which was announced today in China. This new Bluetooth speaker introduces a lot of new features, starting with an improved sound quality compared to its predecessor, offering clearer and richer highs, and fuller and deeper bass. This improvement is achieved not only by upgrading the built-in speakers and changing their orientation, but also by improving the Mi Sound audio algorithm.

Can be used in stereo with other speakers

Another novelty is that, thanks to using Bluetooth 5.0, we can buy two speakers and use them as stereo speakers when synchronizing with each other. Thanks to this, we can also be listening to the same music on two different speakers distributed throughout the house. It is also possible to synchronize the other Xiaomi speakers that have Bluetooth 5.0 or later.

The control of the loudspeaker can be done by voice, being able to use the voice assistant for all kinds of tasks, as well as to control music playback. It also has a mode for children with content such as games or stories to entertain them. The assistant gradually learns more information about home users, recognizing the voice of each user to offer personalized information for each one.

If we change the WiFi password, it will connect only

The speaker also has a curious function. If we change the password or the SSID of the router, the device can automatically reconnect to it. For this, it is necessary to have a Xiaomi WiFi 6 router such as the Redmi AX6 updated to the latest software version. The connectivity used by the speaker is WiFi 4.

On a physical level, the device has four touch buttons on the top. With them, we can activate or deactivate the microphone to improve the privacy of the speaker, change to the previous or next song, play or pause the content we are listening to, or slide along the top if we want to raise or lower the volume.

The microphones are positioned in such a way that they can pick up voice commands from anywhere in the room, even when the room is large. At the top it has a colored LED for notifications and informing us if it is processing our command or if it has heard us.

Its price is 199 yuan, about 25.5 euros To the change. It will be on sale from next April 16th, where the price will rise to 299 yuan, about 38 euros to change.

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