Xiaomi launches very cheap canceling headphones

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One of the market segments in which Xiaomi has a good presence is that of headphones, since it has a large number of models that are a good solution for those looking for a product that responds in the quality / price ratio. Well, the company has just launched a new model: the My Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro.

This is an accessory neck type, since it includes an element that is placed in this place so that the grip is as firm as possible and that the headphones do not move at all, making it a model that fits perfectly as a partner when it comes to sports. In addition, for this, the announced device has protection against water (IPX5), ensuring that sweat or rain is not a problem. Besides, it has silicone tips that increase usage is really safe.

One of the good features, especially if you take into account the price of this model that we will talk about later, is that they have active noise cancellation (ANC), which allows to reduce the impact of what is outside when they are used (it is capable of suppressing up to 25 decibels). As far as sound quality is concerned, there are no problems, since it is capable of using frequencies with a range that goes from 20 to 20,000 Hz and that the drivers are 10 millimeters.

Other good details of the Xiaomi Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro

One of the important ones has to do with the autonomy they offer, something that is vital in accessories that use Bluetooth technology. The fact is that with a full charge of its battery it reaches 20 of normal use, which is achieved due to that the amperage of the component we are talking about reaches 150 mAh, so it exceeds the previous generation. Interestingly, the charging port is microUSB, somewhat dated.

The Xiaomi Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro arrive on the market in black, but it is not ruled out that different options are launched. In what has to do with the sale price, the one announced by the firm is 25 dollars, so it is normal to think that in euros it will be exactly the same. Without a doubt, a striking option, especially for those who love to wear a soundtrack when doing sports.


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