Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock: Xiaomi’s smart alarm clock with an affordable price

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Though Google in recent years has placed its trust in the Smart Displays, It seems not to have started completely, there are not as many available as we would have expected and they have not been able to generate a best seller as expected. Xiaomi knows how to take advantage of those gaps left by marks, and now it comes with My Smart Clock, a smart alarm clock that is ready to go out the sale in Europe for only 50 euros.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock

The small Smart Display was officially presented at the European launch of the Xiaomi Redmi 9T and Redmi Note 9T, although these smartphones have attracted attention, much of the attention has been taken by this new alarm clock with integrated screen.

It has a 3.97 inch color screen, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock is absolutely ideal as a bedside companion. The screen does not seem to be of high quality as it only has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, but it should be more than enough to quickly get daily updates and information.

One of the biggest bonuses here is the inclusion of an embedded Chromecast, which means you really should be able to stream YouTube videos and compatible video content directly to the mini display. It includes two far-field microphones that help improve the detection of words like “Hey Google “, which will be especially useful if the user sets alarms and timers on a regular basis.

The function of sunrise alarm which is also included in the Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock effectively facilitates the illumination emitted from the screen to simulate the sunrise.

It does not have any camera, which will ensure the privacy of the bedroom. What if it has three buttons on the upper edge. There are volume up and down keys along with a dedicated button that will turn off the screen when you want to sleep. Its screen is fully touch-sensitive, so the on-screen controls can also be used in conjunction with these hardware buttons.

Competitively priced to rival Lenovo

As we have mentioned above, this Xiaomi Mi Smart Watch will go on sale at a price of 49.99 euros in European markets, it will only be available in a Colour: White. It can be connected to other Mi Smart Home technologies, such as security cameras and those linked to your Google Assistant.

With this new range, Xiaomi is clearly rivaling the Lenovo smartwatch, which is a bit more expensive in European markets, but lacks some of the main features of the latter device.


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