Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker: compact, with DTS sound and Google assistant

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Xiaomi has just presented what seems to be its most important bet in the smart speaker market that also helps us listen to quality music. A Mi Smart Speaker that has many design similarities with other models on the market, from well established brands, but that will convince you with its enormous price-quality ratio.

But before revealing what it will cost you, you have to focus on your design, cylindrical, with a very careful finish and that will remind you of the Amazon Echo that usually offer a very characteristic appearance where dark tones rule. Of course, for the moment it will only be available in Asian resellers so we will have to wait a bit for them to officially arrive in our country, at Xiaomi stores.

DTS sound quality and power

These Xiaomi smart speakers focus on two very important aspects: On the one hand, its condition as a pure and hard wireless speaker, which allows us to listen to music with a power of 12W, and that installs some 63.5mm drivers, which is not bad at all. Only with that, and with its Chromecast compatibility, we can listen to the audio from practically any sound source that we can think of: Spotify, YouTube Music, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music and, of course, video apps if we want to raise the volume of the series and movies we watch at home.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker.

As we told you before, These Xiaomi Mi Smart Speakers have DTS certification, which guarantees us a stream of clear and crisp sound, where we will hardly suffer distortions with any audio source we use. Of course, it has bluetooth and wifi connectivity, to always have a music service at hand to connect to to listen to our favorite songs.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker.

Now, if delighting ourselves with music is not your priority, You can always enjoy this Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker as a simple smart assistant, of Google in this case, in which it will be possible to ask you to give us any type of information (traffic, weather, news, calendar, email, contacts, etc.) or to launch streaming platforms, voice calls, etc. . You just have to say the magic words of “OK, Google” to open the door to all these services.

This Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker arrives, for now, in Asia, at a price that will seem impossible. In India, this device can be purchased for just 40 euros at change, which means, compared to other smart speakers in the same range, a cut of almost half in its cost. Interesting, right?