Xiaomi Mibro Air: good design, great battery and at a price that seems unbelievable

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It is appreciated when a brand that is dedicated to technology has the courage to deviate a bit from the standard that the industry seems to set. Although it is not the first time that a company has decided to develop a smartwatch with a circular dial, which does not have much to do with that Apple Watch that inspires its competitors so much and to which in recent times too many similar models have come out.

Micro Air Smartwatch.

This time we are before a smartwatch that passes the Apple Watch olympically and perhaps for that reason it is so attractive. In addition, its manufacturer belongs to the group of companies that operate under the Xiaomi umbrella, Mibro in this case, and promises to have more than interesting hardware if we take into account the price with which it will hit the market on November 30, day in which the Chinese have announced that we will have it available.

Up to 25 days of autonomy

This new Micro Air Smartwatch is a watch that looks very good thanks to its metal case and a really worked design finish, very discreet and elegant that can be purchased in various colors. As if that were not enough, it has a rotating crown that allows us to easily handle it without touching the screen, to choose menu options and those things. As a good digital smartwatch, it has a 1.28-inch TFT touch screen that has many customization options in its spheres thanks to a complete suite that brings us predefined models and, of course, the possibility of adding others with the step of months.

Xiaomi Mibro Air Smartwatch.

Regarding sensors, we will have a complete control, daily, of our pulsations, twelve different sports entertainment programs, a complete suite for sleep control, which tells us how well we are resting and how we can improve those hours of lying in bed and, of course, it does not lack hours and hours of battery life. And it is that despite having a 200 mAh battery. from the brand they point out that it can stay on for up to 25 days in standby mode.

This Micro Air Smartwatch is also waterproof thanks to its IP68 certification, which makes it easier for us to take it to the pool and bathe with it. One of its training programs has to do with swimming, so it will be perfect during the summer to take it everywhere. As we say, you can already reserve it and it will go on sale on November 30 at a price of about 30 euros at the exchange rate.


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