Xiaomi Power Bank 30W: fast and wireless charging for just 25 euros

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The market for power banks, or external batteries, has been growing for a few years without stopping due to the extreme use we make of our smartphones, which Despite the huge batteries they install with each new generation, we always fall short. But it is the toll that we must pay for having the opportunity to write emails, chat, make video calls or watch series and movies on the street.

Support for charging devices.

And Xiaomi is one of those brands that in recent times have substantially improved the technology of their power banks, with models that have begun to incorporate the so-called fast charge, which greatly shortens the time we have to wait until we have our smartphone charged again to 100%. Although this time, the least important thing is the speed at which it works.

Charging connectors available.

Three devices at the same time

If we look at the connectors that this Xiaomi Power Bank 30W has, you will think that there is not much space to connect two mobiles at the same time, and it is true, but unlike other power banks, what it adds is support for wireless charging on top of the stack, in addition to the traditional port to plug in our phone, tablet or whatever.

Configuration of various devices.

This Xiaomi battery arrives with 10,000 mAh. capacity. A size that is not too large and that It is more than twice the capacity of an average smartphone. It must be said that this 30W fast charge is not only applicable to connections via cable, but also for wireless. In addition, we can use this battery together with the official Xiaomi support in such a way that it becomes a wireless base that, in addition to charging the mobile, recharges the battery for the next day.

Wireless charging is compatible with practically all devices sold on the market, which includes Apple and its iPhone, or Samsung’s Galaxy, which we can recharge even if we carry them with covers. The effectiveness of this wireless charge reaches 5mm. away, so there will be no problem using it under any circumstances. Finally, this powe bank has a charge indicator through four lights on the side, which tells us if we have little power left or not. You already have it to reserve on the official website and its price is about 25 euros to change (199 yuan).