Xiaomi revealed its new wireless charging base similar to Apple’s AirPower

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Xiaomi, true to its habit of matching Apple products, has presented its clone of the AirPower capable of charging up to three devices at the same time. In an act of presentation of new mobiles, those of Haidian (Beijing) revealed the same charging base that they began to develop when Apple decided to cancel its launch.

Xiaomi launches into the ring of a product that had been almost impossible to launch

The charging base incorporates 19 coils, which offer wireless charging in any position of the same. Xiaomi had the luxury of showing an image of its new product with an iPhone in the middle. The price is truly amazing, it will cost approximately $ 90 at the exchange rate. Each compatible product placed in the base will have a fast charge of 20 W, added to which there are 3, the base offers a total charge of 60 W.

The work was not easy at all. Xiaomi confessed that it was 2 years in terms of solving the overheating problem. As for those in Cupertino, it is known that the quality problems were directly related to the issue that Xiaomi solved. The strangest thing of all is that Apple never officially declared to the public why it canceled the AirPower.

It was an ambitious product in which, apparently from its last discontinued product (HomePod), it followed the same path only without launching.

Wireless charging at full steam, 67 W for the new 11 Ultra

Go that Xiaomi wants to surprise all users around the world more. In the presentation of new devices, the 11 Ultra incorporates a wireless charging of up to 67 W. It boasts of having the same speed as with cable charging. A new 80W charging adapter was also introduced.

Between Xiaomi, Huawei and OPPO, you can see the fastest wired and wireless charging levels on the market. Now with the AirPower clone, it will have to be seen to work without a hitch. If it passes the typical tests of the average consumer, There is no doubt that Xiaomi will sign up for something big that Apple was unable to achieve (until now).


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