You can now download version 83 of Mozilla Firefox

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We can now download Mozilla Firefox 83, and with it, many improvements for our operating system, either Windows, Linux or macOS.

After this update, the browser promises better performance. Its JavaScript-focused search engine predicts “up to 15% faster page loading, increasing responsiveness by 12%, and reducing memory usage by up to 8%.”

Like Adobe, Mozilla has made major changes to its browser with Apple’s new M1 chips in mind. It now offers support for these new processors through emulation through Apple Rosetta 2. Which shows its intention to develop a native application for the M1.

Firefox 83 adds new security protocols

Mozilla Firefox 83 incorporates new SSL / TLS security protocols. The browser goes from standard HTTP to HTTPS, which will allow to “encrypt the data packets” that are transmitted when we browse the web.

The implementation of these protocols forces the browser to load the pages that are safe. This causes websites that do not use the same, just not load. Although users will be notified if they wish to do so.

By default, this option is disabled. To activate it, we just have to go to Privacy, then select Security from the Firefox options, and as a third, enable the corresponding button.

Other new features of Mozilla Firefox 83

The zoom on touch screens is another of the characteristics of this new processor. Users with computers with touchscreens will now be able to pinch them to get a bigger view of what they are looking at.

Similarly, it incorporates the Picture in Picture mode, a function that allows you to perform keyboard shortcuts to rewind or advance the videos in 15-second fragments. It also revamps the PDF reader so that users can “fill out, print and save AcroForm compliant PDF forms.”

Without a doubt, Mozilla is making these continuous updates to try to regain some of the territory that it has lost to other browsers, such as Google Chrome. In addition to the trust that many users placed in it, as one of the fastest and with the lowest consumption of resources.


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