Your Airpods are going to be glad you update to iOS 14, do you know why?

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iOS 14 is already among us and, surely, you have not had time to install it yet. There are more than two gigs of download and in the last hours of yesterday, there were small delays in permissions by the millions of users who would be trying to perform the same operation at the same time. So today, with the tranquility of a new day, it is time to test all the novelties of the operating system.

One of them is not one of the best known but it is important in the day-to-day life of all those users who have Airpods, or Airpods Pro, with whom they listen to music, watch multimedia content or call at all hours while they go down the street or at home. And is that with iOS 14 our wireless headphones will be happier than castanets thanks to an improvement that Apple has introduced in its way of connecting to our devices.

Quick pairing on device

Apple has always sold us that Their Airpods are the only wireless earbuds on the market that are capable of pairing with multiple devices at the same time, without having to unpair them on the phone to later connect them to a tablet. Thanks to its H1 chip, this task is automatic and affects all the products that we have registered in our company account. As those of you who have these Airpods know well, that truth is not entirely complete.

The Airpods now know which device we are using.

Until yesterday with iOS 13.7 (or iPadOS 13), that pairing wasn’t all that smart it should and to go from listening to the radio on an iPhone to watching TV on an iPad, we had to visit the bluetooth settings, or the control center, to finish the operation by hand. Nothing automatic. And although they were hiding it, Apple has been quietly improving that function to make it public in recent hours.

With the arrival of iOS 14, so do the new firmwares of the Airpods and Airpods Pro that allow this change of smart device. Hereinafter, the headphones will be able to know if we are using the iPhone, or the iPad, or the Mac, or the Apple TV, and they will connect automatically without us pointing out anything, so that the process will be as fast as you can imagine.

In the event that your Airpods have not been updated yet, you will have to wait for them to do so automatically. Unfortunately, there is no “update now” button. So we will depend on the provision that, once both devices (mobile and helmets) are connected to the charger, communicate and the new update is downloaded and installed.