YouTube adds new analytics metrics

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YouTube is adding new metrics and data to analyze performance of the videos on your platform. At the same time, it has released an update for its Studio Mobile mobile app.

With the new YouTube Studio reports, you will be able to know what views are made from a SmartTV or from a game console.

New metrics and new dashboards will go integrating little by little (some have already done it) and, when they do, they will be available to all users at the same time. These are the updates:

-Living Room Data: One of the metrics that will be added to YouTube Studio is the “Living Room Data”, which will appear, according to YouTube, for all users at the end of the month. This new metric will offer more information on the origin of visits to a video from devices such as televisions and game consoles, that is, “living room devices”.

In this sense, it is not that YouTube did not count the views coming from these devices until now. What happened is that they were not marked as such and appeared as another type of traffic. That is, there will be no changes in performance information or sudden increases in posted views, although, after this change, you can notice the changes in the click-through rate reports.

-New and recurring visitors: In the “Audience” tab it is now possible to find this new metric that separates visitors between new and recurring, in the same way that it can be found in other Google tools such as Analytics.

This is an interesting metric to know how many users are watching your videos again or returning to your channels. This type of information can be very valuable to create content strategies.

-Update the Studio Mobile App: One of the first changes that Studio Mobile App users will find is in the “Real Time” tab. From now on, this tab will show thumbnail information of the videos, they will be organized by number of views and 15 videos will appear on the tab.

At the same time, the reports have also been organized, so that they show a page with the most used by users (impressions, click-through rate and traffic sources). In this way, at a glance you have access to the most important reports. The rest can be found in their respective tabs.


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