YouTube blocks Donald Trump’s channel

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One week after the events that occurred in Washington and the attempted assault on the Capitol in the United States, YouTube joins the list of social networks that have blocked President Donald Trump, after Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Snapchat, Reddit and many others.

President Donald Trump cannot upload new videos or broadcast live on YouTube for the next 7 days

The video platform owned by Google has removed one of the contents of the channelAlthough he has not explained which or why, although it seems that it corresponded to a press conference given by the still president of the United States yesterday. Other videos that were published last night are visible, since the channel has not been deleted. However, any possibility of uploading new content or broadcasting live has been blocked.

At the moment, the block has a duration of seven days, although YouTube has already announced that it could extend the period indefinitely. In addition, he has also pointed out that if the channel accumulates three serious faults, it could be closed permanently. For now, this has been just a wake-up call – a serious fault – and that is why the account is blocked for a week.

In addition, the ability to comment on the channel has also been disabled. “Given the escalation of violence, we have indefinitely disabled the ability to add comments on President Donald Trump’s channel, in the same way that we have done on other channels for security reasons,” YouTube acknowledged in a statement.

Social networks are trying to prepare for the possible wave of violent comments that may arrive as the date of January 20 approaches, when the transfer of powers in the White House and the inauguration of the president-elect, Joe Biden. TikTok and Pinterest are other platforms, along with those mentioned above, that have taken measures in this regard.


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