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The use of YouTube, like that of most social platforms, has grown considerably during the pandemic months. So much so, that the Google-owned video portal closed 2020 with 2,200 million users worldwide, thus becoming the second most used network in the world, only behind Facebook, which has 2,800 million.

YouTube already has more than 2,200 million active users per month worldwide

There are no profiles as such on YouTube, although the channels created by users could be considered that way. They have no subscriber limit, but there are hundreds of millions. In this article we are going to review the eight YouTube channels with the most subscribers, those that are managed by very influential YouTubers, some of which are the ones that make the most money in the world.

-T-Series. It is the YouTube channel with the most subscribers in the world, as it currently has more than 175 million, who view its more than 15,000 music-themed videos.

-PewDiePie. The popular Swedish youtuber, author of up to one book, has the second YouTube channel with the most subscribers in the world, which currently brings together more than 103 million people.

-Cocomelon. It is a children’s channel that already exceeds 106 million subscribers worldwide on YouTube.

-SET India. This Sony entertainment channel in India already has 98 million subscribers not only in the Asian country, but throughout the world. His are formats as popular as Indian Idol.

-Kids Diana Show. This entertainment channel designed specifically for children and starring Diana and her brother has 75 million subscribers around the world.

WWE. The popular wrestling sports channel has 74 million subscribers worldwide on YouTube.


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