YouTube implements mamá mom mode ’that reminds you to“ go to sleep ”

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The YouTube ‘mom mode’ that remembers that we have to go to sleep was developed with the aim of achieving the well-being of its users.

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Mom mode YouTube remembers that we have to go to sleep. * Photo: Writing

There are days that are so short and others are so long, sometimes we would like the day to last 40 hours to see complete series, but believe it, keeping yourself awake will not do much, the only thing that you will gain from it are some devil brand dark circles and a low performance at next day. Social media is getting so smart that they know it. Hence arises YouTube’s mamá mom mode ’that reminds us that we have to go to sleep.In the interest of the well-being of its users, the online video platform implemented this option, so those of us who sometimes have no limits need a stop. But who is going to blame us because we love sailing because we have such a generous amount of gigabytes thanks to our Telcel plans, right?

How does YouTube send us to bed?

Did you imagine that YouTube would send a mom in pajamas and tubes to your house to scold you and turn off the device? The thing is simpler and less earthly still; When the platform detects that a user has spent a lot of time in front of the screen specifically on YouTube, it sends a rest reminder.Of course, although we love our moms and many miss living with them, they will no longer have to worry about us waking up, at least not watching viral videos that make us laugh so much, forget the notion of time and also, sacrifice our sight with the light to everything it gives.
And last but not least, this new tool also has the option of reminder, a kind of snooze, so that it gives you a chance to watch videos “another ten minutes”.

How to activate the function to send you to sleep?

If you have full control over your time and don’t want anyone to send you to bed, you can surf YouTube without activating ‘mom mode’.
Otherwise, if you appreciate the option of a virtual mom on your screen, the reminder can be activated by going to the applications menu on YouTube. For this, you must be logged into your account. In this part the options appear and it is there where you can activate them to remind you that it is time to rest.
In the observado observed video time ’option is where you request that the reminder be activated.

Apparently the mom mode is so useful that up to now there are 3 billion users who have it activated, according to information from Neowin, because the lack of rest generates negative effects that nobody wants to suffer.
Series and movies will always be on Clear video, ready to make you have the best time, so do not postpone the time to go to bed to rest and connect the next day to #LaRedDeTusEmociones.

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