YouTube launches video pages by hashtag

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YouTube has just released a new functionality, very simple, but extremely useful, that allows you to display all the videos that include a certain hashtag gathered on a page with a new design.

YouTube will add more hashtag targeting and search capabilities in the coming months

To access this page, you just have to click on a hashtag from the mobile version, the iOS app or the YouTube Android app, and a new page like this one will be displayed, showing all the videos that include that hashtag ordered according to the YouTube algorithm, with no apparent order between the number of views or publication date.

In the web version it also works if the hashtag contains the hyperlink that leads to that page, but also, from any web browser, the following address can be accessed: www.youtube.com/hashtag/XXX changing the “XXX” for the word to search for. For example, if we put www.youtube.com/hashtag/casa, a page like this would appear:

YouTube Hashtag

At the top of the page the title of the hashtag that includes the videos shown is displayed. The number of videos that include that hashtag and the number of different channels to which the videos that are shown belong are also indicated.

Apparently all the videos that include it are shown, not from a specific date. There are also no options to filter those displayed content, which would be nice, or to sort them in some way (by number of views, date of publication …)

In any case, as YouTube has pointed out, these functionalities and others will arrive soon, making it easier to search and curate content in YouTube’s proprietary video tool. You could also search by location, with tags by location.

These features that YouTube is now implementing are very common on other platforms. For example, search pages by hashtag or by location are elements that Instagram users are very used to.


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