YouTube Music now lets you listen to the music you store in the cloud in your car

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When we are a few weeks away from Play Music dying and YouTube Music taking over the throne of Google’s music streaming, new news is arriving that encourages the use of the only app that allows us to store personal music in the cloud for free, simply thanks to the space provided by Mountain View for having a Gmail account.

Is about a personal space in which we can store that music that we have been converting to MP3 from our old CDs from the 90s, and that until recently we stored on our computer’s hard drives. A cloud that we can easily access without having to subscribe to the North American premium service, which, as you may know, also includes the ability to view YouTube videos without advertising.

Cars already listen from the cloud

It has been a Reddit user who has sounded the alarm about a novelty that is reaching YouTube Music apps around the world and that allows, in a car equipped with Android Auto, access our music library to listen to whatever we want. Until now this was not possible and the only option we had was to be subscribed to one of the premium plans of Mountain View so that it would really have a utility.

YouTube Music Library.

With that update, Google opens its hand and allows its app to be functional also when we get behind the wheel, to listen to that compilation that we have worked with the best songs that we hear the most on the phone. What’s more, not only is it possible to choose and enjoy that music, but the North American assistant is also capable of entering the entire list of songs and albums that we keep in the cloud to play whatever we ask of it.

As you will remember, this music library that we can keep in the cloud was installed in the previous Google application, Play Music, and Only in the last few months have we had the opportunity to completely transfer it to the new YouTube. If you have not carried out this process, remember that it is still available, although it cannot be ruled out that the moment the previous app is obsolete and eliminated (which will happen in December), all the information on your profile disappears with it. We leave you just above a video that shows you how to move your entire library quickly and easily to the Google cloud.

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