YouTube removes 2 million hours of inappropriate content per day

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YouTube, the app that registers the most time of use per month among netizens, has released statistics on the frequency with which its users are exposed to videos that violate its content policy. Although the company assures that it is getting faster and more efficient By recognizing and removing these videos, your portal continues to post content that generates disinformation and hate speech.

Only 0.18% of the content published on YouTube violates its policies

Like Facebook, YouTube has been in the spotlight in recent years, accused of being a necessary part in spreading and promoting conspiracy theories and extremist movements. The platform’s video recommendation system, the YouTube algorithm, has been especially criticized, arguing that contributes to the radicalization of users.

To show that it has put the batteries in this matter, the platform has published data showing that only between 0.16 and 0.18% of the videos published on YouTube in the fourth quarter of 2020 violate the rules of the company. Those figures suppose a drop of 70% compared to the same period in 2017, when the company began to measure this variable.

However, if you take into account that on YouTube one billion hours of video are consumed every day, this percentage of prohibited content represents almost two million hours of daily viewing. A potentially dangerous amount that, in addition, It does not take into account all the videos that are uploaded to YouTube, but only a sample that the company considers representative of the total.

Despite everything, the video platform ensures that it is capable of automatically detecting 94% of the content that violates its policies. Of that percentage, 75% is removed from the web after achieving 10 views. “My top priority, YouTube’s top priority, is live up to our responsibility as a global platform ”, reported Neal Mohan, the company’s product manager,“ and this is one of the most outstanding statistics in that regard ”.

Still, critics of the company believe it is not doing enough or acting diligently enough to remove problematic content. This past year, for example, YouTube was the main means of dissemination of disinformation related to covid-19 and vaccines.

In fact, the most skeptical in this regard believe that, given the large volume of content that is uploaded and consumed on YouTube daily, they make it impossible for the company to ever be able to control what is published on its page.


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