YouTube Shorts, Google’s bet to compete against TikTok and Reels

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It was sung that with Donald Trump’s famous executive order, which expired today and by which all TikTok operations in the US had to change hands to avoid being closed, many technology companies were going to prepare an alternative to the social network of microvideos to take part of that cake. And after the Facebook Reels, now the YouTube Shorts arrive.

Although at the moment they will only be available in India, in a kind of pilot test, The objective of this YouTube Shorts is to facilitate the task of creating short videos, of a few seconds, that we can record, edit and share through our smartphone, without having to go through a computer. Right now it is a beta but if things work it will make the leap to many other countries.

Sing, record and share

For now These Shorts will be within the YouTube app for mobile devicesOnly that they will appear within a different section where all the contents of this type will be brought together to locate creators and follow them without the need to interfere with the normal activity of the video platform. Because these Google Shorts will only allow us a duration of 15 seconds or less, a feature that is quite shortened if we compare it with the minute that TikTok marks us at most.

New YouTube app.

Obviously, it’s not just about singing for the camera and sharing what we record bareback, without editing it, so This YouTube Shorts has many more tools, similar (it must be said) to TikTok or Reels: camera with several segments where we can chain different takes, slow down or speed up what is recorded, choose a musical theme on which to playback a library that the Mountain View people already warn will “continue to grow” and, of course, a timer with an account back that will let us prepare before the short video starts.

This YouTube Shorts has only come for what In the coming weeks we will see if it has the success that Mountain View expects to fine-tune their functions and add many others that the community is going to request. And why have you chosen India to start testing this new social network? Surely the belligerence of the local authorities with everything that comes from China has made Americans understand that they have an opportunity after the ban of TikTok last July.