YouTube tests a button to loop a video in its app

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YouTube is working to include a new feature in its mobile app that may seem strange that it is not yet available: the possibility of play a video in loop.

YouTube already has the function available on the web, but not in mobile apps

Until now, if you want to play a video over and over again, the only way to do it on YouTube is by creating a playlist that includes only that video. However, YouTube seems to be testing to include a specific button that allows you to play the same video over and over again just by activating that function, without having to create a playlist.

This can be useful if, for example, you want to listen and watch a video clip over and over again, or if it is a very long program that you want to be played constantly for whatever reason … YouTube curiously does offer this possibility on its website , although at the moment it does not include it in its mobile applications.

However, as XDA notes, YouTube is working to include it in its Android app at least. This is how they have been able to determine it by analyzing the source code of the YouTube application for Google’s mobile operating system. At least from version 16.09.32, work has been done on the inclusion of this functionality that could be quite useful on mobile phones, as it is already on the web.

In any case, YouTube has not confirmed the launch of the new button, nor has it even commented on the performance of these obvious tests. Therefore, it could be that that possibility was never included in the YouTube application, neither in Android nor in iOS, although everything seems to indicate that if they are working on it and it is already available in the web version, it would make sense that it was also launched -at some point- for the app. We’ll be alert.


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