YouTube tries to hide the total “dislikes” received

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YouTube has confirmed that it is working on the idea of ​​hiding the “dislikes” that appear in the videos, with the aim of stopping the harassment that some very popular youtubers receive in the form of massive samples of disagreement with the published content, especially in those that accumulate a large number of visits.

Some youtubers receive attacks or harassment in the form of massive negative votes on their content

It would be a formula to protect the well-being of youtubers, although they could still check the number of negative votes through the statistics visible from YouTube Studio. There are other platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, that have already experimented with similar mechanisms, such as the option to hide the number of “likes” achieved by a publication.

Currently, the number of “likes” and “dislikes” associated with each video is visible. According to YouTube, “dislikes” can have a negative impact on the well-being of the content creator. You could also promote campaigns aimed at accumulating negative votes against a video or its creator. They argue from the video streaming platform that viewers who see a growing number of negative opinions and votes could be motivated not to follow that creator or to add more “dislikes.”

In this way, a tool whose initial function would be to offer information about the reception of a content would be transforming into a form of abuse or harassment against the creator of the content and that is what YouTube wants to avoid, as indicated through their Twitter account:

As part of the tests that YouTube is experimenting with, the button to mark “I don’t like” might still appear under the Videos, but underneath the number of times that someone has marked that option would not appear counted, as shown in the image that accompanies this article.

In the tests that YouTube is carrying out, this counting of “dislikes” is not yet hidden from all users, but only from a few, but the company expects to receive feedback from youtubers who prefer to have this applied to them. option and extend the tests. Depending on the results obtained, the measure will be officially launched or not.


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