YouTube will automatically detect the products in the videos

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YouTube is developing a functionality that will allow automatically detect products in videos and offer users additional content and even links to stores where they can purchase them.

The YouTube algorithm will show links to stores and related videos about the products that are automatically detected

The video platform has already made the first tests of the «Products in this video» tool in mid-2020. So, what it did was automatically show a link to pages where users could receive more information about the detected product or even buy it.

Now the test goes further, and what YouTube does is show more videos about the products that have been detected in the video content, as well as about other related products. These contents are shown among the recommended videos, and users will be able to see them by scrolling under the video player. There, possibly in the form of a banner, the products that appear in each video are listed and the user can click on them to see these additional content.

The function would complement the current recommendation tool that suggests recommended videos to the user on the right side of the screen, related to the content they are watching, selected by the YouTube algorithm. In addition, he would be shown other additional videos with product information that you have already seen in the video you were viewing.

In any case, it is not yet known what the functionality will look like or how it will be interacted with if it is officially launched. YouTube is conducting tests with a small number of users in the United States, and depending on the success of the test, it will consider offering the function to all users officially or not.

“Our goal is to help users explore more videos and provide more information about the products shown in the videos,” YouTube said. But what the company does not want is that users seek information about those products beyond YouTube, leaving the video platform to visit other web pages.

Thus, with this tool that the company is now testing, the information would be provided to the user within the video page itself on YouTube, thus also increasing the time spent on the platform.


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