Zoom launches new features against trolls

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Zoom, the most widely used video calling and video conferencing application in the world after the coronavirus pandemic, has announced two new functionalities that will serve to fight against one of its greatest evils: the appearance of uninvited or annoying users during meetings, which prevent the proper development of the event.

Zoom allows you to press a button to suspend the actions of all participants

From now on, under the Security icon (identified with a padlock), administrators and co-administrators of a virtual meeting will have the option of temporarily pausing the meeting to eliminate an annoying participant who is not complying with the rules. The new button is called «Suspend the activities of all participants«, And pressing it will mean that the audio and video broadcast to the participants will be cut off.

Internal chats between participants, annotations, the possibility of sharing the screen and recording the contents will also be suspended. All alternative rooms that would have been created once one of the event organizers pressed that button will also be removed.

While the activities of the participants are suspended, Zoom will ask the organizers if they want to report any of the participants in the meeting. They will be able to give all kinds of details and even provide screenshots that justify the complaint.

After doing so, the user will be removed from the video call and the organizers will be able to continue with it, individually restoring the functionalities they want to use. The Zoom Security team could send you an email at the end of the meeting to gather more information about what happened.

This new function to suspend the activities of all participants is now available, both for premium Zoom users and those who use the tool for free, without having subscribed to any of their paid plans.

On the other hand, the participants of a video conference will be able to report annoying user by clicking on the security icon shown in the upper left part of the screen. To be able to do this, the administrators of the room had to configure it so that any participant can report another.

Both this and the previous function are already available to all Zoom users, and on any of its platforms: desktop, Android app, iOS app, web version, etc. If you want to know tricks to get more out of your video calls in Zoom, Do not miss this article.


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